Institute of Civil Engagement.

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Who We Are

“Institute of Civil Engagement” presents a part of the civil society and works in the premises of the non-governmental organization. It was established on the 27th of December, 2012 by the youth group made up of employees with experience from governmental, business and non-governmental sectors.

Our Mission

“Institute of Civil Engagement” has a mission to support the democratic processes in the government, ensure human rights and, at the same time, encourage active citizenship by cooperating with local and international organizations and government ministries.

What We Do

In correspondence with the set principles of the “Institute of Civil Engagement”, particular areas of the organization’s activity work on the below-mentioned matters;
• Promotion of civil awareness;
• Supporting and bolstering technological innovations;


From 2014, Institute of Civil Engagement is active member of below mentioned civil society coalition and campaigns:

- Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary
- Campaign this Affects You Too
- Campaign We Choose Europe


We give you the opportunity to create and develop your professional career in one of the fastest-growing non-governmental organizations in Georgia. We support the growing numbers of employees and their development. Our main goal is the employment and professional growth of motivated and determined youth.


Institute as long as this acceptance does not infringe our independence to pursue our mission or endanger our integrity and reputation. We do not accept donations from political parties, politicians or entities connected with political actors. Any donation to Institute of Civil Engagement must be able to stand up to public scrutiny.

Our Team

Team spirit presents the basis to holding a team and ensuring high performance. Each and every member of our team is vital and without a strong bond and full trust no team can succeed. We are the face of our organization and as long as we strive for the best, we are certain to achieve more and lay foundation to a prosperous organization by means of employing the strategy of teamwork and the vision of long-term development.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a constituent of the Institute of Civil Engagement aimed at providing consultation. It comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals who strengthen the efficacy of the organization by offering their knowledge. Thus, the council's goal is to support and advise the organization’s main management on crucial issues, which, in turn, results in the shaping of a stronger and improved version of the organization.

New Projects